10 Surprising Benefits Of Having A Water Feature In Your Home

Water features have been around for centuries, and they’re not going anywhere! With the many benefits that these systems can provide to you and your family, it’s no wonder that people continue to use them. 

There are many different types of water features available, including those that run on electricity and those that use natural sources like a pond or stream. In this article we’ll cover some of the benefits that having a water feature provides.

The Many Benefits Of Having A Water Feature In The Garden
Adding a water feature to your outdoor space can have numerous benefits such as improved air quality, relaxation, and increased property value.
Consider the style and size of your home and landscaping when choosing a water feature and think about how it will fit in with the overall aesthetic.
Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your water feature looking beautiful year-round and prevent issues such as algae growth.
Get creative with your water feature design by incorporating unique ideas such as fountains, ponds, and water walls.
Water features have a rich history in landscaping and can add both cultural significance and artistic value to your outdoor space.
For more information, explore additional resources on the health benefits of water features and the different types available for indoor and outdoor use.

Increased Value Of Your Home

One of the biggest benefits of having a water feature in your home is that it increases the value of your property. 

The presence of a proper water feature adds a sense of luxury and class to any home, which can be very appealing to potential buyers. In fact, many real estate agents believe that including a water feature on the property can increase its price by as much as $10,000.

When it comes to choosing the perfect water feature for your space, “think about the style of your home and how you want the water feature to fit in with your existing landscaping,” advises our article on How to Choose the Perfect Water Feature for Your Space. Knowing the different types of water features and what they can offer in terms of sound, movement, and visual interest will also help you make an informed decision.

Improved Health

According to the Journal of Environmental Health, “Aerobic respiration is the process by which oxygen and nutrients are used by cells to produce energy. 

The results of aerobic respiration are carbon dioxide and water as well as heat, which can be used for many biological functions such as body temperature regulation or muscle movement.” Because water features provide this type of energy production in your home, you will experience improved mental health. 

A study published in BioMed Central found that “background noise can decrease stress in humans through its effects on heart rate variability (HRV), which has been linked to anxiety and depression.

Are you considering adding a water feature to your landscaping but unsure if it’s worth the expense? Our article on The Benefits of Incorporating a Water Feature into Your Landscaping outlines the many advantages of having a water feature in your outdoor space. From improving air quality to creating a tranquil atmosphere, the benefits may surprise you.


If you’re looking for a way to unwind, relax and de-stress, a water feature might be just what you need. One study showed that students who were exposed to sound from an indoor water fountain performed better on cognitive tests than those who weren’t (1). 

Another study found that having access to views of nature improves our ability to focus on tasks we find boring or difficult (2).

It’s easy to see why this is true—the sounds of water trickling or gently splashing against rocks can have a calming effect on our minds and bodies. 

We’ve all had the experience of being soothed by the sound of rain falling outside during a storm, right? The same goes for listening to the sounds made by running water inside your home: they encourage us toward relaxation and calmness while also providing sensory stimulation and environmental enrichment.

Sound of waterThe sound of flowing water has a calming effect on the mind and body, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. For example, Bluworld of Water offers a range of indoor water features that simulate the sound of rainfall or ocean waves.
Cognitive benefitsExposure to water features can boost cognitive performance. According to a study, students who listened to an indoor water fountain while taking a test did better than those who didn’t (1).
Mood enhancementWater features have been known to boost mood and promote feelings of happiness and well-being. For example, Sunnydaze Decor’s outdoor water fountains are designed to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.
Stress reductionResearch shows that exposure to water features can reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. For example, Adagio Water Features produces indoor and outdoor water features designed to reduce stress and improve quality of life.
Health benefitsWater features are also believed to have positive effects on physical health, including reducing blood pressure and improving air quality (2).

Noise Reduction

Noisy neighbours, loud construction and traffic can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a way to reduce these noises, consider installing a water feature in your home.

Water features are amazing for blocking out the sound of surrounding activities, which is great if you live in an urban area or close to busy roads. 

There are many different types of water features you could choose from – fountains, ponds with fish in them and even aquariums! Whatever type of water feature suits your needs best will also depend on whether or not it’s legal where you live (if there are any restrictions on what kind).

If you want something that won’t just look nice but also provide benefits while doing so then having one inside your house would definitely be worth considering because they’re not only aesthetically pleasing but also have health benefits too! 

And since they produce relaxing sounds such as running water while releasing negative ions into the air around us then these are both calming effects so imagine how peaceful it’ll be when sitting down listening

Maintaining a water feature in your landscaping is easier than you think! In our article on 15 Easy Steps to Maintaining a Beautiful Water Feature, we share tips on keeping your water feature clean, preventing algae growth, and maintaining the pump and other equipment. Follow these simple steps to keep your water feature looking beautiful year-round.

Multiple Designs To Choose From

A waterfall can be designed to fit any decor and style, from classic to contemporary. The options are almost endless when it comes to choosing a water feature for your home.

There are many different materials used in the construction of fountains, including natural stone (marble), travertine, slate, granite and tile. 

You can also find fountains made with synthetic resin materials such as polyethylene or polyester resins (often referred to as plastic). Metal is another popular material that is used in the construction of fountains because it’s durable and long-lasting.

If you want something smaller than a standard fountain but still want a decorative feature in your yard or garden space then consider a birdbath or tabletop fountain instead! 

These types of fountains tend to be on the smaller side so they won’t take up too much room but still provide an attractive focal point for outdoor entertaining areas like patios or decks during summer evenings after everyone has gone home from dinner parties where everyone got together around these types of items being set up outside before heading back inside for dessert 🙂

If you’re looking for water feature ideas to transform your outdoor space, our article on Creating a Peaceful Oasis: Water Feature Ideas for Your Outdoor Space has got you covered. From fountains to ponds to waterfalls, we share creative ideas and tips for designing a water feature that will enhance the beauty and serenity of your landscape.

Long Lasting Investment

One of the best benefits of a water feature is the simple fact that it’s a long-lasting investment. Water features are durable and can last for years, even decades. 

If you’re thinking about putting one in your home, you can rest assured knowing your children will have the option to enjoy it for many more years as well.

Water features also make great family heirlooms. A lot of people pass down their favorite pieces from generation to generation, which means that if you invest in a water feature now, it may just be around when your grandkids come over some day!

Water features can be used for many different things besides decorating an outdoor space or indoor living room area:

Durability of Water Features

LifespanWater features are known to last for many years. For example, a well-made concrete fountain can last for up to 25 years without major repairs.
MaterialThe choice of material plays a key role in the durability of the water feature. Stone, concrete and resin materials have a reputation for being long-lasting.
MaintenanceProper maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan of the water feature. Regular cleaning, winterization, and keeping up on small repairs can increase the longevity.
Brand reputationIt is recommended to buy water features from reputed brands known for their quality and craftsmanship to ensure a long-lasting investment. For example, Aquascape is a trusted brand known for their durable and high-quality products.
Cost-effectivenessWhile the initial cost of a water feature may be higher than other outdoor decor, the longevity and lack of major repairs make it a cost-effective investment in the long run.

Low Maintenance

Finding a low-maintenance water feature is a huge benefit of having one in your home. As someone who is constantly busy and has a hard time finding time to do anything I don’t have to, the idea of not having to clean or repair the water feature is extremely appealing. And if you’re not very handy yourself, this can be an appealing option as well!

Improving Air Quality

Water features can help improve air quality in your home. This is due to the fact that they’re able to reduce the amount of dust, pollen, bacteria and mold in the air. 

The water in these features can also act as a natural humidifier which helps you breathe easier if you have allergies or asthma.

Water features have played an important role in landscaping throughout history. Our article on The Fascinating History of Water Features and Their Role in Landscaping explores the cultural significance of water in architecture and landscaping, from ancient Roman baths to modern-day fountains and water walls. Learn about the symbolism and artistry behind some of the world’s most famous water features.

Quality Control

Quality control is important for any business, but for the water feature industry, it’s vital. You want to be sure that your product will last and do what it’s supposed to do. 

This can be difficult in an industry with so many different options and varying quality standards among manufacturers.

By working with reputable companies and testing their products, you can ensure that you’re purchasing a quality product that will stand up against time and use.

With the right company, quality control also means knowing exactly what you are getting when making a purchase you won’t have any surprises down the line when installing or maintaining your water feature!

Quality Control in Water Features

Material QualityWater features are expected to last long, so the quality of materials used is important. For example, Henri Studio uses a patented high-density cast stone material.
Manufacturing processThe manufacturing process is important to ensure the durability of a water feature. For example, Campania International has a meticulous manufacturing process that includes curing their cast stone water features for quality control.
TestingReputed brands often have strict testing procedures to ensure their water features meet stringent quality standards before being sold. For example, EasyPro’s Krystal Clear™ Fountain Kits are rigorously tested for safe and reliable operation.
WarrantyA warranty is a testament to the quality of a product. Reputed water feature brands often offer industry-leading warranties. For example, Aquascape offers a 3-year warranty on their AquaBasin® reservoirs, pumps, and plumbing components.
Customer reviewsCustomer reviews can often provide insight into the quality of a water feature. Highly-rated water features with positive customer feedback are more likely to be good quality. For example, Sunnydaze Decor’s outdoor fountains have significant positive feedback and ratings.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You will be guaranteed satisfaction when you choose us to install your water feature. We are proud of our work and we stand behind it 100%. We offer a money back guarantee so that you can be confident about the quality of our service, products and installations. 

We will replace or repair any defective workmanship for as long as you own your home! In addition to this, we offer a free estimate so there are no hidden fees or surprises later on down the road!

BrandSatisfaction Guarantee
Amazon30-day return policy for most products
Apple14-day return policy on most products and a 15- to 30-day return policy for iPhones
Zappos365-day return policy for full refunds with free shipping
NordstromNo stated return policy, but a reputation for excellent customer service
Chewy365-day return policy for pet products
REI100% satisfaction guaranteed with a one-year return policy for most items


If you are looking to improve the quality of your home and add value, then we recommend adding a water feature. 

The benefits are numerous, and include: increased property value, reduced noise pollution, improved air quality and relaxation. You can also choose from multiple designs that will fit in with any style or décor.

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Here are some common questions and answers about water features:

What types of water features are available for gardens?

There are a variety of water features available for garden landscapes, including fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and bubbling rocks.

How do I choose the right size for my water feature?

Consider the size of your outdoor space and how the water feature will fit in with the rest of your landscaping. A water feature that is too large or too small can disrupt the balance of your garden.

How often do I need to maintain my water feature?

The maintenance frequency depends on the type of water feature you have. Generally, you’ll need to clean it at least once a year, but the frequency is often higher if you have fish or plants in your water feature.

Can a water feature be used as a focal point in a small garden?

Yes, a water feature can be a great focal point, no matter the size of your garden. Consider installing a smaller water feature to prevent it from dominating the space.

How can I make my water feature more energy-efficient?

Using LED lights and installing a high-efficiency pump can make your water feature more energy-efficient. You can also reduce energy costs by running the feature during non-peak hours or incorporating solar panels.