Creating A Peaceful Oasis: Water Feature Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Water features are a great way to add some flair to your outdoor space. They’re also a good way to bring nature indoors, which is why they’ve become so popular in homes over the past few years. 

You can choose from a variety of different types of water features, including fountains and ponds. 

If you’re interested in making your home more eco-friendly or want something that will make your backyard unrivaled, then read on for our guide to creating an oasis with any of these simple water feature ideas!

Water Fountain

A water feature, such as a fountain, is an excellent way to add interest and sound to your outdoor space. Whether you choose a small tabletop fount or make a dramatic statement with a large wall fountain, you can use it throughout the year in many ways. It’s also an easy way to cool off on hot summer days!

Use water fountains as focal points for your garden so that people can stop and admire them from afar. The trick is to place them where they will be seen from inside your home or from other areas of the yard such as decks and patios. This will ensure that there are no surprises when guests arrive at your home!

If you have pets who like to play around outside then consider creating a kiddie pool near one end of the yard with some shallow steps leading into it for safety reasons.

Frog Pond

Frogs are a fun and fascinating addition to any garden. Not only are they beneficial for pest control, but they also make great companions for children. If you’re interested in creating a frog pond, there are some simple steps you need to take:

  • Choose your location carefully. Frog ponds should be set up on flat ground so that the water doesn’t drain away too quickly. If possible, place it near trees or other plants so that frogs have places to hide when they’re not basking in sunlight or feeding themselves at night time!
  • Build your enclosure with bricks or large rocks; this will prevent predators from getting into your pond and eating all of your frogs! Also make sure there’s mesh over the top so small birds can’t get out either – we want everyone safe inside their own homes here at [company name].

Hanging Bubble Fountain

A hanging bubble fountain is a great way to add a touch of nature to your outdoor space. It’s also an attractive addition to any outdoor space and can be extremely easy to install and maintain.

Indoor Water Wall

While we’re on the topic of water features, let’s talk about indoor water walls. They’re a great addition to any indoor space, whether you want to use it as a focal point or incorporate it into a larger design. 

These can be made out of glass, stone or other materials, depending on what kind of look you are going for in your home. 

If you would like your water wall to be customized to fit in with your existing decor there is no need to worry! There are so many different options available that you will easily find something that works for you!

Outdoor Water Wall

When you think of water features, what comes to mind? A pond in a garden? A fountain in the middle of your lawn?

If you’re looking for a more modern edge to your outdoor oasis, then look no further than an outdoor water wall. 

This is essentially a wall with flowing water running down it like a waterfall. They can be made from stone or brick, but concrete is another popular choice for this type of feature. 

Be creative when designing yours: You could build it into the side of your home or create something freestanding that can act as an artistic focal point in your garden or on your patio.

Rainwater Catchment System

Installing a rainwater catchment system is an easy way to harvest water and create a beautiful, natural feature in your yard. To install a catchment system, you’ll need to decide where you want to place it, then dig out the area so that it can be filled with water without overflowing. 

You may also want to consider adding drainage pipes at this time if there are any low spots in your yard where water could pool instead of flowing through the piping system.

Once the container has been filled up with rainwater, use PVC pipe or other solid material as an overflow line that will direct excess water into another container or barrel on its way back down into the ground. 

Depending on how much rainfall you receive every year, these overflow containers should be able to hold up until next season’s first rainfall comes along!

Rock Waterfall Fountain

Rock waterfall fountains are a great way to add some drama to your space. You can install them in any outdoor area of your home, from your front porch to the backyard. They’re also easy to maintain and will help you create an oasis that’s worth spending time relaxing in.

Swimming Pool Waterfall Fountain

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps of building a swimming pool waterfall fountain. We’ll cover how to install a swimming pool waterfall fountain and what materials you will need.

Tiered Water Feature

A tiered water feature is an easy way to create a relaxing space. It’s great for people who want a simple installation and maintenance process, but still want the benefits of having a water feature in their garden. 

A tiered water feature can be used as a focal point in any outdoor space, or as part of one of our other designs for creating an oasis.

You’ll need some basic materials to install it yourself – such as stones, sand and plants – plus some tools like shovels and hoes if you’re creating your own waterfall effect. If you don’t have these things already then they can be purchased from any hardware store near where you live

Water Garden

A water garden is a small pond with aquatic plants that can be used as a standalone feature or as a water feature. 

Water gardens are great for adding organic beauty to your outdoor space and are ideal for those who prefer the natural look of things. You can place them directly in the center of your yard, or near a patio or deck! The choice is up to you!

Glass Water Feature

A glass water feature is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your garden. Not only are they beautiful, but they also add a calming element that can help you relax on those hot summer days.

Glass water features are easy to clean and easy to install, making them an excellent way to create an elegant focal point in your outdoor space. 

They can be used for fountains or ponds and come with all the necessary components needed for outdoor use: pump, tubing, filter and lighting system if necessary. There are many different sizes available depending on how much area you want covered by the fountain/pond feature; some even have built-in plants so you don’t need any extra accessories!


We hope we’ve given you some ideas for creating your own outdoor water feature. Water features are a great way to bring nature indoors and make your home feel more like a peaceful oasis. 

If you want to learn more about indoor and outdoor water features, check out our website where we have lots of resources on how they work and what different types there are available.