When To Invest In Outdoor Furniture: A Guide For Homeowners

The best part about living in your dream home is the opportunity to make it your own. You can personalize every aspect of it, from the floors to the walls and everything in between. 

You can also transform your yard into a place that suits your tastes, from adding decorative accents like potted plants or installing granite pavers for paths. 

But if you want to really impress visitors and make them feel welcome when they enter your front door, then outdoor furniture is an essential part of any home upgrade project!

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Outdoor furniture can add value to your home and expand your living space.
Consider investing in outdoor furniture if you frequently entertain guests or enjoy spending time outdoors.
Look for quality materials that will withstand the elements, such as teak or weather-resistant resin.
Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture styles to create a unique and welcoming outdoor space.
Proper care and maintenance are key to ensuring your outdoor furniture lasts as long as possible.

Garden Swings

Most homeowners have a garden swing for their home, and for good reason: these pieces of furniture are great for relaxing. With a garden swing, you can read a book or catch up on your favorite shows as you watch the clouds roll by. You can also nap in your garden swing! 

However, there’s another use for your garden swing that doesn’t involve sleeping or reading it’s perfect for entertaining guests. If you want to host an outdoor party at your house, then all you need is a few plastic chairs and some food items from Costco. Then just add some ice cubes (for drinks) and voila! You’ve got yourself an instant party!

Outdoor spaces can be beautiful while still being eco-friendly. With our guide on creating a beautiful, eco-friendly outdoor space, you can learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into your outdoor design so you can enjoy your space while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Patio Set

Patio sets are the most versatile of all patio furniture. They can be used as dining tables, bar stools, or simply a place to sit when you’re enjoying a drink or two on your porch. Patio sets are great for entertaining guests because they allow you to move them around easily and rearrange them according to need. 

In addition to this versatility, patio sets add value to any home by extending your living space out onto the deck or patio area. 

A wide variety of materials and styles are available when choosing new outdoor furniture; this makes it easy for homeowners who want something that matches their home’s décor perfectly.

FeaturesWooden SetWicker SetSteel SetAluminium Set
Weather ResistanceFairGoodGoodExcellent
StyleClassic and TimelessTraditional and RusticModern and SleekElegant and Modern
Color OptionsNatural wood huesNeutral tones, wide variety of colorsMetallic hues like bronze, black, silverNeutral tones, wide variety of colors
ComfortDepends on cushion typeCushions included, very comfortableCushions included, comfortableCushions included, very comfortable
Price RangeMediumMedium-HighMediumHigh


Hammocks are a great investment for the whole family, and can be used for relaxing, reading or even sleeping.

When choosing your hammock, first determine the space you have available. You will want to make sure that there is enough clearance between trees or posts so that you don’t hit your head when laying down in it! 

Hammocks also come in different lengths and widths depending on what size bed they’re meant to fit. If you’re choosing a stand-alone hammock then check if it comes with its own stand or if there are any pre-drilled holes in the base of the stand where it can be attached. Once you’ve chosen a hammock that suits your needs, follow these steps to hang it:

When it comes to sustainable landscaping, there are many best practices to consider. Our guide on the top 15 sustainable landscaping practices you need to know about covers a range of topics, from selecting the right plants to minimizing water use, so you can create a beautiful outdoor space while reducing your environmental footprint.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a versatile piece of outdoor furniture that can be used in many ways, from warming up after a hike to grilling food. 

Some homeowners buy them on their own, while others choose to add them when building or renovating their homes. 

Fire pits are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so you’ll want to take some factors into consideration before buying one:

Size and shape – A fire pit should be large enough for your needs but small enough not to clutter up your outdoor space. It’s also important that it fit well with your existing decor and furniture pieces if you’ve already got those things out there (like seating).

Materials – If you’re looking for something that’s going to last through winters and heavy rains, consider purchasing one made from cast iron instead of steel or aluminum because they’re more durable. 

Cast iron is also easier on the wallet than stainless steel or other metal materials since it doesn’t have as much value when recycled compared with other types of metal products such as steel cans which would cost much more money in order to process safely into another product such as scrap metal sold off online). 

On the flip side though cast iron doesn’t burn very hot like some other materials do making it better suited only as decoration rather than actual cooking tool unless needed urgently under extreme circumstances such as emergencies where no other means will suffice at all costs then only then should we consider using this type material instead; otherwise stick with stainless steel models instead if possible.

Selecting the right plants is key to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Our guide on expert tips for choosing the right landscaping plants for your yard provides practical advice on plant selection based on factors like climate and soil type, so you can make informed decisions for your landscaping needs.

Weatherproof Furniture

What is weatherproof furniture?

Weatherproof furniture is made from materials that are resistant to water and UV rays. The outdoor setting can be harsh on your outdoor furniture, especially if you have a pool or hot tub. A good example of a material that is weather-resistant is Teakwood. 

Teakwood will last for many years, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Some other examples include waterproof fabrics or synthetic leathers that also offer durability and strength against fading or cracking due to exposure to sunlight or rainstorms. 

These materials are designed so well that they can be used in any outdoor setting such as your balcony, backyard patio area, decking around your house or anywhere else where there’s an opportunity for these pieces of furniture to get wet regularly (e.g., near swimming pools).

FeaturesTeakCast AluminumWrought IronResin Wicker
DurabilityVery HighVery HighHighHigh
Weather ResistanceVery HighHighVery HighHigh
MaintenanceLow MaintenanceLow MaintenanceLow MaintenanceLow Maintenance
StyleClassic and TimelessElegant and ModernStylish and RomanticChic and Modern
Color OptionsNatural wood huesWide range of colorsBlack, silver, whiteWide range of colors
ComfortComfortable even without cushionsCushion need to be added for comfortCushions can be added for comfortCushion need to be added for comfort
Price RangeHighMediumMediumMedium

Out-Lounging Areas

There are so many different types of outdoor chairs, sofas and other seating that you can use to create your perfect space. The only limit is your imagination!

Outdoor sofas and chairs – These come in all shapes and sizes, as well as materials such as rattan or synthetic wicker.

Outdoor seating areas – These are an excellent way of creating an area for relaxing without having to worry about furniture being damaged by the weather or left out in the rain (think sun loungers). They’re also handy when entertaining guests because they give everyone somewhere to sit down!

Recliners – If you want extra comfort on those lazy summer days then recliners are a good choice; just make sure they’re waterproof before bringing them inside after a rainy day.

Swings – For something more relaxing than sitting on a sofa then try swinging on one instead! You might even find it easier for reading books if you need something else to fidget about with while someone else talks at length about their experiences abroad.

Your outdoor living space should be a comfortable and inviting area for you and your guests to enjoy. Our guide on the ultimate guide to making your outdoor living space more inviting covers a range of tips and tricks to help you create an outdoor oasis, from selecting comfortable furniture to adding soft lighting to set the mood.

Hot Tubs & Spa Pools

Hot tubs are a great way to relax, unwind and get rid of aches and pains. They can be used year round and are a great way to entertain guests. Hot tubs can be installed in a variety of locations around your property including patios, decks or even indoors!

Barbeque Or Gas Grill

A barbecue is a great investment for any homeowner. Barbecues are versatile, and no matter what kind of grill you choose, it will be used often in the summer months.

While many people think that barbecues need to be expensive, that’s not necessarily true! You can get a great gas or charcoal grill for under $300. You can even find portable grills at stores like Walmart or Target if you don’t have much space in your backyard.

FeaturesBBQ GrillGas Grill
Fuel TypeCharcoalPropane or Natural Gas
Cooking TimeLongerShorter
Heat-Up TimeSlowerFaster
Temperature ControlMore difficultEasier
TasteSmoky, traditional flavorLess traditional but versatile
PortabilityBulky and less easy to move aroundMore compact and easier to move around
PriceTypically less expensiveCan be more expensive
CleaningCan be more difficult to cleanEasier to clean

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are perfect for use on patios, decks, and porches. They can be a stylish addition to any outdoor space and provide you with an extra layer of protection from dirt, debris and harsh weather conditions.

However, before choosing an outdoor rug for your patio or deck make sure that it is made from durable materials such as canvas or vinyl. A good way to test this is by putting the rug in the sun – if it shrinks then it’s probably not going to last very long outside!

The benefits of using outdoor rugs include:

  • Protecting your floor surfaces from water damage – if you have wooden floors then water can cause them to warp over time so choose wisely!
  • Enhancing the overall look of your home by adding colour accents such as bright blues or pinks which stand out against concrete surfaces such as driveways etc…

Incorporating a water feature into your landscaping design can add beauty and tranquility to your outdoor space. Our guide on the benefits of incorporating a water feature into your landscaping explains the advantages of adding water features to your outdoor space and provides practical advice on water feature selection and maintenance.

Sound System & Lighting

A sound system is a must-have for any outdoor space, as it sets the tone for your party and can help get people in a good mood. 

If you really want to get fancy, consider adding colored LED lights to set the mood (for example, white lights for a more casual party and red or blue lights for something more formal). This can be expensive if you buy everything new. But there are ways to find cheaper options:

  • Buy used items on Craigslist or eBay.
  • Install solar-powered lighting instead of electric ones so you don’t have to pay an electrician every time someone wants to turn their lights on/off.
  • Look into whether your city offers tax credits or rebates when installing energy efficient devices like these ones above!


Congratulations, you made it through all of that! Now you have a better idea of what kinds of outdoor furniture to invest in for your yard. 

We hope this article has been helpful for anyone looking to buy new furniture or just get started on their backyard project. 

As always, we encourage you to check out our other articles on home decorating—there are many more great ideas waiting for you there!

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What materials are best for outdoor furniture?

Materials like teak, metal, or UV-resistant woven resin are good options for outdoor furniture because they can withstand exposure to the elements.

How should I clean outdoor furniture?

The cleaning method will vary based on the materials of the outdoor furniture. Generally, a solution of warm water and mild soap is effective for cleaning outdoor furniture.

What outdoor furniture style should I choose?

Consider your personal taste and the style of your outdoor space. Do you prefer a modern look? A classic look? A certain color scheme? All of these things can help determine the style of outdoor furniture that is right for you.

How do I protect my outdoor furniture?

To protect your outdoor furniture from the elements, consider purchasing appropriate furniture covers or storing the furniture indoors during inclement weather.

How should I store outdoor furniture during the offseason?

Clean and dry the furniture before storing it in a cool, dry location like a garage or storage shed. It’s also best to keep the furniture covered or wrapped to avoid debris buildup.